wintery blues (sort of)


i love my new mascara. its the imju fiberwig mascara. it has these fibers that come out and add to your lashes to make them extra long, thus “fiberwig” because its as if you have a false eyelash effect. i have the oiliest eyes ever and they tear up in the cold, but they didn’t smudge at all throughout the day. plus, i can now save on eye makeup remover as it comes out with warm water! you have to tug at your eyelashes a bit, but no harm done.

i can’t wait for the ski trip! whoohoo… boy i hope i’ll get to go and the spots aren’t taken up.

online shopping is addictive. i must stop! though i shall keep checking the website prices in case of even lower prices so i can get price adjustments. keke what a good system. now if only canada had everything the states had. why are their stores so much better? their prices so much cheaper? their selection better? gosh we have a long way to go. makes me angry that with the higher canadian dollar, certain magazines are taking the US prices off so people wont’ complain about the price difference. that so mean

i can’t wait for winterlicous next week! i want lobster soup. keke.

hiliary or obama? if one wins, can the other be the other’s running mate? hm

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