whoohoo~ that and how to be rich rich

i FINALLY have a new layout! this makes me very excited to blog! i’ve been dying for a new layout… ever since i got the site, but just never got around to it. and finding one i liked was important too.

how to become rich rich:
1. marry someone who is already rich rich
2. become incredibly famous… miss toronto? hk? this is my last chance! i am getting old! TVB here i come
3. win the lottery (where the chances are as slim as tape worms in a developed country.. har har)
4. wise investments (stocks, property, investment accounts)
5. inheritance… tho that is highly unlikely in my case
6. have an innovative idea with mass appeal

hm. i think if i were suddenly rich rich now…
1. i’d buy a house
2. have my dad come back to canada/mom go back
3. go off somewhere and travel like a MOFO… explore the louvre… etc etc

to dream O__________O


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