i’ve always been independent, autonomic…? with autonomy… i have my plans. i just have to act on them. how do i say don’t worry. chill. you being worried feels like it’s putting more pressure and more stress. that and the pride issue. it really got to me on sat when i found out that… well. i don’t know that many people. but on the top of my head, 3/4 got something… and i didn’t. i guess jealousy and AHHH why not me? i really don’t know why. i did try my best with no regrets. it’s hard to be with no regret though. then my mom saw me upset, and now everyone is worried. STOP IT!!!

why did you have to tell my mom i was upset? omg omg omg wtf

i’m glad obama won though. he deserved it. feels like bright hope for the future. if only i was american.

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