i think i just realized how important water is in our lives. we use it for everything. washing ourselves, our food, our car, our clothes. we need it to drink, to flush the toilet, to wash the dishes, to wipe the table… SO MANY THINGS. so today, the water stopped at 6 pm. i think a city of toronto pipe broke and it was washing down the street, so they came to fix it. but its already been 6 hours and it still has not been fixed? how distressing.

good thing at my house, we have a supply of bottled water and our four 1.5L drinking water supply and the brita filter full of water. that and my mom cooked dinner early tonight, so we were able to eat dinner normally.

thank you mother nature for providing clean water.

i feel like i’ve gotten a taste of how developing countries must feel. or… war zones. >___<

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