the vegas trip was amazing, and really just what i needed to cap off the summer. this summer marked the first year of being out of school and in the workforce. it feels strange as i went to a wedding today and someone asked me, so where do you go to school? oh i’m done and working. sounds so old when i feel and am so young!!!!!!!! tho not so much in a few weeks time, and the age on the eliptical machine will sadly change.

but on to my vegas highlights:
- things are very FAR TO WALK TO in vegas
- i’m glad taxi drivers are regulated to take the shortest route (between 4 friends, long trips are $4/person = way better than a stupid bus/monorail)
- happy that my friends walk just as much and as fast as i do
- the 5 star hotels are really nice!!!! how different than 4 star or 3 star
- had the most delicious scruptious memorable meal i’ve had in a long time, or ever @ picasso
- also had the most expensive meal i’ve had ever @ picasso
- went skydiving! and boy it is addictive
- the best free show were the bellagio fountains
- the best free attraction was the bellgio conservatory: BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS or… the bellagio flowery ceiling was nice too
- saw cirque de soleil “O” in the 3rd row – amazing amazing
- brought my first designer heels! :P har har
- saw the grand canyon – it looks just like the pictures LOL, but it is quite beautiful
- downtown vegas is GHETTO! but community-like? and uber far

missed/next time:
- eating at serendipity3, in n’out burger, fat burger, custard place, breakfast at bouchon…
- gambling $100 (that was my limit, i used only $1)
- CLUB!!!!! TAO?!!?!??!!? :( (( -there was supposed to be a happy ending

very relaxing! very tiring due to all the walking! wished i had one more day to fully enjoy the pool, the facilities, the hotels, club, party and the spa!!!!! until next time!!!!!!!! waiting for the next trip already! must save up!!!!!!!!! and go to…
1. asia – hong kong, japan, korea, china, thailand!! AHHHH!!!
2. greece/egypt!/eastern europe
3. dominican/mexico hehe

i shall take 3 weeks next year once i’ve saved up… and GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love travelling and exploring >___< why must it cost so much? lol

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