Two more days

i think a vacation is well deserved! 3 weeks! AHHHH!! the ultimate escape from reality?

given that i know that all my vacation expenses were coming up, and that i would need mad cash, i have made a serious effort to stop spending.  unfortunately, i still had to fork out quite a bit for my july mastercard bill BUT the majority of the bill were for hotel expenses.  SO in reality, i did not really buy anything! YAY. funny how your cash can add up quite fast if you don’t go SHOPPING!  i’m actually itching to spend in asia, but until then, i have really been working hard to save.  the only clothing related items i got the past two months were:
1. pumps! i really needed them, and they were 70% off (even so, i spent $100 WITH 70% off, but i reason it by saying it’s made in italy and designed by sergio rossi’s son, gianvito rossi)
2. dark blue cardigan from zara.  it was so cute with the gold buttons, i couldn’t resist.  PLUS i don’t have a blue cardi, and zara cardigans last FOREVER!

the above totaled $130, which is what i may spend on just ONE regular purchase at anthropologie. that stupid store.  i’m glad i’m not a fan of their september collection… it’s a little too south american for me (which is where they got the inspiration from).  i am starting to think their style on all their clothes are too similar… time to look for new stores!

when i am back, things to look forward to:
- MAC villains collection (looks so amazing)
- Fall H&M designer collaboration… rumours have ranged from carolina herrera to lanvin… mysterious!  i don’t want to be waiting overnight in line though… so stressful and not worth it.  i am too old for this :P

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