i’d actually saw the twilight books being sold at chapters before, but didn’t pay much attention to them until the movie came out and i’d read news stories on how teenage girls were lined up to watch it, it was all sold out everywhere… but how good can this movie be? that and i’m not too keen in the sci-fi love story with a vampire and a human. been there and done that with buffy. my friends had saw it last weekend when it came out, and they were going again tonight. i grudgingly went as i didn’t quite want to go home yet. and surprisingly, i liked it.

basic synopsis:
bella moves into small town forks from big city arizona.  she’s intriged by edward, his physical features, his hot and cold temper, and slowly they develop into a relationship. except that he is a vampire

the actress that plays bella, kristen stewart kind of talked in a monotone kind of voice. the movie was very cheesy and predictable. it ended quickly too. but once i got into the movie it was quite enjoyable. the acting was good except than bella’s voice, but as i started to read the book (it was that good that i actually went and brought the book!)  i guess that the actress does fit the part. bella is a loner strange kind of girl. the lines WERE very cheesy at times, but in the end it is a chick flick. every girl wants to be sweeped away by a prince charming, who is attentive, caring, protective and swoon-worthy. edward is just that character. except he’s a vampire.

let’s just say at the end of the movie, i wished i was bitten.

i do feel a sudden urge to read. i haven’t read books in a while. YAY


vampires (except for bella in the middle) are excruciating beautiful creatures. whoa whoa

i think he looks better pale like a vampire.

robert pattinson.jpg

although in this picture, he does look swoonworthy. though i think his stare reminds me of Gabriel ___ (Halle Berry’s baby daddy) YAY. i suddenly feel young, unjaded, like the a pre-adolescent girl. gosh. it has been a while.

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