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i’ve finally finished the twilight book series. it’s strange for me because i prefer to read the book before seeing the movie, to keep my imagination intact. after seeing the first harry potter movie after reading books 1-3 at times i would imagine the actors faces versus the images in my head. then, i’d get so mad!! mind you, i don’t exactly imagine the characters faces in detail, but a general overall look.

so, when i read the first book, titled twilight, as i read i’d imagine scenes from the movie in my head. though when i got to the 4th, that was all gone. maybe except for the cullen’s house. that always makes me think of the movie even though the description in the book was so different.

i think because i started reading the books right after the movie, i was disappointed in the second one when edward was away cuz i was having my edward obsession. then the volturi comes along near the end and YAY exciting times. my fave book must be the fourth one though. action packed goodness. i had to rant a little about twilight. now to find a new book to read. or maybe i should watch some dramas.

i’d stopped reading teen fiction for a while. it wasn’t all that bad! >___< har har. it's all fran's influence.

how i wished that stephanie myer would continue the books through edward's point of view >___< too bad it got leaked on the internet and she decided to stop writing cuz she was too angry :(
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