my friend told me about her friend the other day, when she went to eaton centre to protest that tibet was actually a part of china, then they got rounded up and went to jail. so my friend had to bail her friend out.

her friend: please come save me! i’m in jail!! and i only have one phone call, so you must come bail me out.

i thought it was the most hilarious story ever! i don’t think i really know enough about this whole issue to take a stand, though i’m all for free rights, and if the tibetans really want to break away, i think they really should, and make use of this time when the spotlight is on china to take their stance. what better time than now? i honestly wonder if china will ever change out of their communist position. i think it’s one of the worst political systems ever, but then again, with democracy it’s not like everyone votes, and it’s not the perfect system either. just look at george w vetoing everything he doesn’t like with his presidential power.

the flame in paris (it’s a little sad though that the whole thing IS affecting the olympics though, it’s like a giant black cloud:

Olympic officials were forced to put out the torch on five different occasions during the relay through Paris on Monday, preventing protestors from grabbing at it and eventually forcing the relay’s cancellation.

“Never before has this happened,” said Anthony Bykerk, the secretary general of the International Society of Olympic Historians, of the protests surrounding the Olympic torch. “This is the first time that the torch relay has ever been an element of protest, it’s usually a very big celebration.”


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