the way life goes

so yesterday serene sis dearest and jj came to pick me up at 6:30 so we could go line up for sonia rykiel at 7 am. though, there were maybe 7 people ahead of us max. by the time the stores opened, it became more like 80 people waiting? but then they actually had a lot more stock than jimmy choo and they would keep bringing stuff out from the back. needless to say, i got everything i wanted and more given jj and serene were helping to get the stuff we all wanted. need to figure out what to keep though. i got the:
- pink crown sweater
- pink layered dress
- multi-coloured sweater dress
- black tights
- black and white striped sweater (the only piece that looks like Rykiel’s actual line)
- jumpsuit… though i am still wondering how to wear it like the model…

then it was off to nota bene at night for dinner. i got the rabbit something pasta. it was pretty good. my chocolate cake for dessert? not so much. happy birthday sara dearest :) karoke is always fun. haha. esp when alcohol is available. lalala

though i woke up this morning to unsettling news. a friend is suffering from a stress/mental breakdown? wtf? upsetting :(

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