the end of summer

after this week it will be mid august, and summer soon to be over. though in my eyes, summer won’t be OVER until after september 13 ;) in vegas! this will mark a year of official employment. technically, this will be a year and a month since the end of july. how time flies! i’m not in LOVE with work, but i can’t complain. really need to find something i really really like. though part of that stems from your coworkers too. its fun now, but need something else that feels like its missing. i hope the new venture with serene will work out?? i will see how that goes in a year’s time.

manda’s visit came and gone, but now i feel stressed out. f that. oh my. i do miss her already. what a dear dear friend.

i wanna buy a purse, and a wallet, and sunglasses. oooo ooo i am a material girl in a material world. what can i do? and those are just the big ticket items. i must stay away from the mall until further notice. and stay away from online browsing. that really perpetuates the “visit the mall” cycle. i wonder if i should return the maxi. i really do like it. it is nice. and it is in fashion this year. i wonder if it’ll still be around next year. that and i normally like to wear more skimpy shorter bottoms. though with the whole work process, i feel like my casual clothes are starting to become a reflection of work, which is good and bad. looks more mature, but too old? last year tanktop and shorts are excellent! though nowadays i feel so scandalous to wear that stuff. i feel like i need to cover up via hoody or longer sleeved top. growing pains! they suck!

bossman is back. he brings a stressed out vibe wherever he goes. dan’s right though. i need to stick it up. i used to like him, and one can really tell whether you like them or not. i think my attitude changed. must work on that.

3 weeks until the exam. must start studying :( and get my act together!!!

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