terrible day

what a terrible day! my boots are definitely not waterproof anymore. i will need new boots next year after i donated my other pair to my mom. i ate too much and drank too much (2 cups of apply juice, 1 coffee, 1 cappucino, 1 chicken noodle soup), so i felt so full. i got carsick on the bus. shoveling the snow injured my arm again! i’m never shoveling again. and then i spilled orange juice all over my chair and carpet. yuck.

only 6 weeks left of school. oh god. then what? i dread the end of it. what’s next?

i do hope i can afford both europe AND cuba. yes yes. grad trip YEA YEA

omg i got my grad photos. i look ridiculously chinese it’s not even funny

i love you linus


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