Sonia Rykiel for H&M

of course… i think i will go to h&m on february 20th to check out sonia rykiel’s line and see if it’s worth getting.

i like… the jumper suit. i always wanted one!

probably a sweater, though thinking of which one.

then there’s this striped sweater… though i already have two black and white striped sweaters

and lastly… this layered dress is cute in my opinion

in other good news… i saw my january credit card statement and it is not too bad at all. must control spending!!!!

tonight i watched survivor heros vs villians. my how has time passed. i remember watching survivor all stars, the story of boston rob and amber getting together, with her winning first place and him second. then to see that they developed a relationship, he proposed on tv, wedding paid for and broadcasted on tv.  then later, the two of them appeared as a couple on the amazing race (which is my favorite reality show) except they didn’t win. now, with rob on survivor again it feels surreal that so much time has passed. he’s married with child? omg.

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