lately, i’ve been on the constant lookout… for socks O_O! i don’t know why, but i don’t have an urge to wear pants anymore. i really like the feeling of skirts… but it can get so breezy and cold… so i scavenger winners for thick nice socks/tights. they have pretty nice stuff if you go at the right time… and a lotta of their socks are made in italy! and they’re the same if not cheaper than stuff made in china you can find at forever21, the gap, etc etc…

i think i’m liking the way my room is taking form. a work in progress one step at a time.

i found some pictures of the eaton centre’s h&m madness for comme des garcons. can we find waldo? i wished i went back during lunch break! i went there today and they still had some stuff left. just not the stuff i want. i.e. the slouchy pants O_O and the side-zipped jacket


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