they are so important. they keep you so warm. i got 2 more pairs of tights today. oh no. the thicker they are. the warmer. yet… the more expensive :(
whoa whoa. serene my dear. they have crazy selection at the bay on bloor. all the crazy ones and more. O_O LOL i will let you know about the eaton’s one laterrr.

ew. today on the bus this guy was sitting down and while he did he pulled on the bar and my hair along with it. i gave him a dirty look and he said sorry :( owwwie

the feeling comes and goes, but i feel like i don’t know what i want to do with my life… AGAIN -___-

cold weather is coming. lately, i’ve had an obsession with slouchy hats.

slouchy hat2.jpgslouchy hat.jpg

i think i had the sudden inspiration for this a year ago when i was watching the drama goong. except it was the male character wearing the hat.oh it is so sweet! i want a prince O_O LOL

though i noticed that a lotta stores are selling this type of slouchy hat too. there’s something about it i don’t quite like personally. it does look good.

then there’s this type of hat i also like. also from a drama i watched. AHHH

hat2.bmp hat.bmp

isn’t is so cute? AHHHHHHHHH i like the black one more than the white.


i found this on the urban outfitters website. whoa. reminds me of the royals O_O it is cute. but when would i wear something like that? mmmmmmm

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