snow day! :)

hahahaha. i tried to go to school. i really did. i packed up my bags, set my alarm, and went to sleep early. the phone rings… i wake up. omigosh its 9:45. my class is at 10! i can’t make it! i look outside the window… it looks pretty snowy to me. haha. so i decided to declare myself a snow day. then i go on the university website… and load and behold… school is closed. HOHOHOHO. and there i was worrying about my philosophy tutorial.

i was dreaming of a ski trip last night! it was oh so much fun. except i realized that i forgot all my necessities like toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup, lip balm…. i was so devastated. and an old man was in love with me. how gross. i dodged him when he tried to grab me O_O AND… something about the amazing race was in it too. i love amazing race. and textbook frisbee, mmmmm why’d the phone have to ring? i could’ve stayed in that dream forever.

but… i’d like to say thank you to snow god nevertheless. :)

snow god

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