snow again! :)

i’ve never enjoyed winter quite as much as other winters. this may be because i discovered the joys of skiing. but more importantly, its the last true winter to play and enjoy before school finally ends. i was so glad it snowed so much. kept my hopes up a little bit more, that winter will be never ending this year.

how ridiculous is this:
Most of Toronto’s colleges and universities cancelled weekend classes and shuttered their libraries:

  • York University shut down its Keele and Glendon campuses, where offices and libraries were closed, classes were cancelled and exams postponed.
  • Ryerson University, including libraries and classes, was closed starting at noon.
  • Centennial College cancelled its open house.
  • Seneca College cancelled Saturday classes.
  • Humber College cancelled afternoon classes and tests.
  • The University of Toronto remained open at all three campuses.

conclusion: UofT is super gay and uber uptight. those punks!

jesus. today i ran into the grumpiest man ever. what a super fucking asshole. i was driving my grandma to the doctor’s house again. usually, the neighbour’s house has a more nicely shovelled path, so i use their path to walk there. i get out of the car and the fucker is like… excuse me, you can’t park here. i don’t shovel my sidewalk for you. you always park here. it’s my sidewalk. i’m like.. wtf. i’m just stopping by. i’m dropping my grandma off and leaving. she has walking problems. he’s like.. i don’t care. its my sidewalk. WHAT THE FUCK. 1. it’s not your sidewalk 2. parking in front of house house is not his property. it’s the city’s. and have some sympathy for an old lady. i hope no one will have sympathy for him when he grows old see how he likes it. what a complete jerk. he completely ruined my day.

i hate daylight savings time. makes me feel like its so late already! ahhhhhhhh

i love the show “america’s best dance crew”. GO JABBAWOCKEES and KAPA MODERN :)

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