i tried so hard this year NOT to get sick… but it has finally hit and lasted so far for 2 weeks :( i’d actually went to the doctor the first week i was sick and he gave me an inhaler… 6 days of using it… i decided to ditch it cuz it didn’t seem to be working. i went back yesterday… and he said i have some lung infection that lots of people have nowadays… and i got antibiotics! which my doctor never gives out. but then… i somehow got my prescriptions mixed up, and instead of antibiotics… i got a painkillers prescribed for my jaw. i realized today when i emptied out my bag and i found the real antibiotics prescription. oopsies. though with my new drugs… my cold should be going away in no time?
the pharmacist i always goes to knows my name now O_O i guess it’s good.. that i may get discounts. though bad! cuz that means i’ve been getting too many drugs.

my cough medicine gives me a sour bitter aftertaste :( i can’t taste anything in my mouth. though… it does make me very drowsy. i can sleep better :D

i can’t believe the weekend is over already. very very sad.

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