self achievement?

i hate myself when i don’t do the things i set out to do
i still haven’t done a majority of it. i can’t bring myself to it?
tho i know that if i don’t do it, no one else will do it for me
yet i can’t bring myself to do it. why?
maybe i’m just lazy/avoiding the issue. i hate this :(

i feel so unachieved
all that i seem to be good at nowadays is spending money :(
yet i can’t stop myself. i really need to bring myself to do all the things i want. mmm
by no real achievements, it makes me worried and sad. yet i don’t move to do it
i feel like i really don’t know what i want to do to really push myself there.
i have ideas. but… not really. :( mmmmmmmmm
apparently there will be a snowstorm on weds. does that mean no ab classes either? so that means i can’t even tone my stomach which is one of my goals. ahhhhhh

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