yesterday was not the best of days. i discovered my networking and conversing with strangers ability has gone down.

however… i can say today my self esteem has gone back up right around 12:50 pm… because with great determination and effort, i got the tall seashell rose ugg for $99 plus shipping and taxes for a grand total ¬†of $116! i logged into beyond the rack at 12:30 being bored and discovered that they had an UGG store today!!! beyond the rack is basically an online store where they host designer boutiques and sell their stuff at discounted prices, and real genuine items. so, UGG being so popular, every item is on hold/sold out. at first i thought it would be all ugly items, until i discovered SEASHELL ROSE TALL was included. i’d like this boot when it first came out and this is an amazing price! so i keep pressing “refresh”… at the 10 minute mark i found a size 7… but i really wanted a size 8. so… i keep going and 15 minutes in! i found the 8!!!!!!!!!!!!! and got it! hohoho MY PERSISTENCE PAID OFF.

seashell rose is mine! i can’t wait!!!

funny thing… is that s-sis kept pressing refresh too… and after an hour and a half… she finds her size! YAY it was all MEANT TO BE

i just looked at the ugg site.. and they have a new short colour! spiced coral. yumyum…

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