roll up the rim

i failed again. now my count is 0/6.
0/3 medium coffees
0/3 large coffees
i’m out of coins and cash. hum
and you’d think that since large coffees are bigger = larger chance of winning?

yesterday i went to a store in yorkville called “rolo”.  it’s located on belair between cumberland and ___. it’s sort of a toy store for adults, of cool novelty items. the owner/worker there was really friendly, and he really knew his store and his products. although he was serving other customers, whenever i picked something up, he’d quip in a comment. sharp eyesight!! plus he was really friendly, so much in fact i ended up spending $120 there. though that in part had to do with tight deadlines, and the need to get a friend a birthday present. they sold tons of cool stuff, like these plastic chandeliers, with different colours and sizes, an umbrella for two (whereby it was extra wide, so cute!), cool ipod speakers that doubled as a radio, simply all this cool stuff. some things were pricier than others, but they still had sale items. i was impressed also, that he seemed to know all the “popular items”, and telling me how much he sold of each. i really want the plastic chandelier, though i’m not quite sure what exactly would i be doing with it. lol. decorate my room… … O_O
in my dreams, i always imagined myself operating a t-shirt store, with my own cool designs. but a novelty store like that wouldn’t be half bad :)

in other news, jamie lynn spears does NOT look pregnant (britney’s little sister) i still personally think she should’ve gotten an abortion, but everyone for themself. AND it’s a plus to be pregnant younger, as you’d get your original body shape back faster, and have a healthier baby.


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