pet peeves

1. when people lean on the entire handrail on a CROWDED subway. have some decency to hold on with one hand. it is crowded so other people may need to hold on to it TOO.
2. when people let themselves go while sitting on public transit. i HATE touching other people’s legs and shoulders. it grosses me out.
3. when people come too close to me when they have a cold. do not share drinks with me when you even SLIGHTLY have a cold. to me, that is still considered a cold. i hate being sick, often at 3-5 weeks at a time and try very hard not to get other ppl’s germs. i REFUSE to touch handrails.
4. when someone criticizes my driving in specific instances. i.e. grandma: stop driving so fast! later… omg. why is this so slow? don’t criticize my speed. i speed carefully too. the ticket will go to me. not you. and i will lose dermit points. not you. i will likely pay a fine of anything happens. not you.

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