Canada Post is on strike!!

I brought a bikini top from Jcrew a while ago… but since Canada Post is on strike, it still hasn’t arrived yet! :( Sadness.

I think I brought enough things from Links/Aritzia/Anthropologie/Zara to last me for the next while.  No more shopping til… NYC?  I knew I shouldn’t have gotten anything from Zara today but I blame it on stress!  It’s not my fault!

I must get a raise.  I must escape from bossman.  It seems like it’s never ending. huhu what to do?  watch some korean dramas!

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maybe of stress?

maybe i am really stressed out and don’t know it, or else why else would i have developed shingles? this makes it very depressing. i suppose there are various reasons: bestie gone at work, worried about finding a new job so i can have more money, worried about whether i’d pass my last course (which thankfully i did), worried about the future, worried about my current course and whether i’ll pass the exam which is coming up in 3 weeks! oh my god… i think i need something to look forward to when the exam is over.  in a way, i track my life’s accomplishment through phases – high school, university, this additional designation/lost post university period. so what happens after this now that i’m done? so many things to think about.   i really think i need to get away and it is long overdue for a vacation, of course there is always a but, who to go with?

for some reason, i have a yearning to go to new york city.  what would i do there? shop, eat and of course sightseeing and museums! i actually really enjoy going to these world famous museums, taking my time and soaking it in.

my next best option? going on a rocky mountain tour.  although i’ve lived in toronto for the past good 20+ years of my life, i have never ventured to canada’s west/east coast.  i think going to banff, jasper, lake louise… etc would be quite an experience – to drive through the rockies, see the trees… taste some chinese food in vancouver!

if all else fails, the cheapest option would be an all inclusive resort on the mayan riviera.  i’ve always wanted to see the mayan ruins first hand, and you can’t complain about all you can eat and drink.

unfortunately for me, i can’t think of anyone that would go with me. plus it is expensive. maybe i will wait for fall and go to china :( or taiwan and korea… maybe. unless i save all my vacation days til next year, but that feels too far away and overly sad. i have cabin fever :(

Boring Life

Life has been pretty boring lately :( I think it would be more exciting if it were summer and I can wear my summer clothes!  Also would be less boring if I found a new job.

I like this dress from the new Anthro collection, though there’s not that much I like this season so far.

H&M Conscious Collection

Uh oh!  After abstaining from shopping (relatively)…  I went to H&M yesterday to check out the launch of the Conscious collection.  Everything went so fast, even though I went right when the mall opened.  I ended up getting:

Although I still want two more items… I think it wasn’t in stock yet:

I love white for summer!

Feeling Demotivated

I think in the transition between Winter Blues and Spring, I am feeling so blah these days.  That, and I don’t really want to work on my assignment, so I shall blame it on Paris where I’d rather be.

I feel like a vacation :(  but I must save money (for that vacation…)!  I’m doing pretty good this month. YAY except for the online purchases which I intentionally forgot about.

The past month has felt like endless turmoil and changes.  I don’t know if i have recovered yet.

Another month gone and past

Wow I can’t believe another month has come and gone. It feels like so many changes have happened since then I don’t know where to start. One thing that hasn’t changed though, is my dreading of going to work late on a Sunday night…

More Secret Garden Ravings

So I found out that one of my favourite songs on the Secret Garden soundtrack is sang by Hyun Bin!  AHHHHHHH somehow the song really touches my heart O_O even though I have no idea what the lyrics mean.

and so…

i qualified for my exam! yet my heart feels so heavy…

i’m going crazy


If I were a cartoon character, I would be tempted to say the world around me is falling apart! I feel a little lost with suddenly so many unknowns… I’m also sad with the imminent departure of my bestie at work/work dad. Will I survive navigating the treacherous seas ahead?  I feel like I’ve been thrown in front of a bus and be expected to run with it… at the same time I was always expecting this would happen one day, just not this soon.

Feeling… sad.  I hope this plays out to be an advancement opportunity for me/somehow plays in my favour via increased compensation.

Also, where are my marks?  Do I qualify to write the exam???