out with the old… its hard!

for months now, i’ve been wondering what’s inside the closet in the hallway, but i’ve been unable to as it was blocked by a shoe shelf. finally, my brother and i today removed it and found a lot of stuff.
- old coats from 10+ years ago
- old shoes/boots from 15+ years ago
- fabric and other related materials
- my uncle’s old stuff from pre 1995
- maybe even clothes, etc from 20+ years ago

while we were at it, we decided to clear out and clean all the shoe box mess in our basement. we found tons of empty boxes, and tons and tons of my mom’s shoes that she never wears. some new, some used, and some worn out. but my mom is a crazy junk hog and doesn’t throw anything away.more so than even me. she found my brother’s shoes. i’m like… uhh they’re from when they were in grade 6. now one is in grade 9 and the other university so that’s how old they are. she’s like.. oh its perfectly new. i’ll keep it. wtf. omg. like really? really?

i hope when i grow up (har har) and have my own place it won’t become so clutterful

tho i did find cool things… like cowboy boots! my mom wore those?? too bad they don’t fit my feet :( but i’ll save them. my mom wants to keep all our children’s clothes too. and who would you save it for? your grandchildren which won’t happen for another 10 years? oooooooo but by that time, won’t you buy new ones? or it becomes unfashionable? and we don’t have the space to store all that? i suppose it also has sentimental value. hmm
or… puma sneakers! whoa. my parents wore pumas back in the day? strange that you can’t imagine your parents as anyone but your parents. haha

i think my house could easily become like this

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