one piece

omg i really really love this manga/anime (though i stopped watching the anime a while ago, as it was going too slow…) it has plot development, character development, action, comedy… i love the drawings! basically, it is set in an alternate world of pirates, and people can eat fruits and gain special unique powers. and a boy named Luffy sets out to become the “Pirate King”, looking for a treasure named “One Piece” hidden by a notorious pirate that was executed. along the way, he meets new people to join his crew, like a swordsman, a cook, a navigator, a doctor, a sharpshooter, a shipbuilder, and even a musician. throughout the story, it was learned that the world was dominated by the “world government” and OMG we’re finally at the world government stage. omg it is so exciting.

you can get the manga free online HERE. this website also hosts many chapters of other mangas, mainly shounen (geared towards boys) ones, but some shoujo (geared towards girls) as well
i used to be a manga/anime freak and i’d read/watch EVERYTHING that came out. one piece is the only one i’ve consistently stayed with. i dabbled in naruto, bleach, really anything and everything. and one piece is honestly one of the best ones ever. the drawings are a little funny at first, very skinny characters, but the level of character development is exceptional, particularly in the beginning when there were fewer characters.

and what’s with all the heart chinas on msn? dan was right. they are much more patriotic this time around. strange.

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