okay. new goal

saving plan starts… NOW!

items to cut down on:
- annual aritizia sale: one item only (oh man this would be hard… but we will try right sis?)
- no more shopping… until september (i will try really hard)… excluding zara’s lace shorts…
- no shopping at zara’s annual summer sale!!!
- makeup. no more!… i want a red polish tho… :( i think i enjoy applying polish to my toes more than my fingers. it’s easier to apply, and i care less about booboos -___- i may be an addict now.
-  i think i MAY need a luggage for asia… ahhh

things to save for:
- birthday presents
- wedding present
- wedding shower present
-  bachelorette party
-  spending money for asia! OMG
- asia hotels…

boohoo… i don’t think i can win :( this suckssss…!!

i tried to save $ in may…  and in all honesty i think i did a pretty good job. except for airfare, tuition, l’oreal sale… anthro!!! everything else was pretty tame. sigh. my new blog should be titled confessions of a real life shopaholic.

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