oh no!

back to work… like all the other mondays. except the past two weeks for me lasted only 4 days due to holidays :( so this week will be extra painful and extra long. how sad. friday i went to eat sushi! with my dearest gangster friends. then on to visit grandpa. i was actually a little scared at first. i hate to think about getting old and avoid it at all costs, considering i know my own grandmother is getting old too. but it wasn’t so bad. quote: grandpa is a man of few words. but what he does say is very wise. hehe. his room was full of flowers, cards, pictures. it felt so warm. i hope that if i get to that age, that many people will remember and visit me too! then sat was lazing around day. very satisfying. and i finished watching e.u. its one of the better tvb series i’ve watched in a while. sun mr.danno came over surprise! bright and early in the morning and was on his best behaviour for my dad! YAY. then did some manual car labour and off to see sound of music! it was good. i think my fave part was the austrian music hall where they sing edelwiss.  i really felt i was THERE back in the 1930s in the hall. most excellent. then i went for indian food! which i only really eat like once a year. to this place called little india. it was actually pretty good though the chicken was a little dry. the sauce was good though. and… with the 2 person set dinner which could actually feed 4, i had two FULL takeout boxes to take home. very crazy. very good weekend. :(

i want a jumpsuit! AHHHH. 90$ from af? no thanks :(

i also want
- new spring work clothes! it feels like i don’t have any
- new sandals! dressier than birks and havianas but very comfy
- and… of course a new purse… tho that may be unaffordable. har har

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