oh my $5

what can you buy with $5 nowadays? oh my. like.. nothing
- previously… 4 years ago… you can get a big mac/filet/big extra meal for 3.99
- that got cancelled, so 2 yrs ago they introduced the jr chicken/hambuger/cheeseburger for 3.99 meal
- NOW: you can get small fries/jr chicken only for 1.39 NO MEAL
- the cheapest meal now is 4.74. OMG why don’t i just go to jimmy the greek??

it’s our friend’s birthday coming up, and we had $5 left in our budget to spend. we went to look for undies. the cheapest we found was at la senza and they were $6.50/pair unless you buy 5, then its $3/pair… we went to aerie and OMG a pair of undies is 9.50!!! are you kidding me??? that is absolutely ridiculous. omg. i’m glad i’m stocked up for undies at least for the next year.

then… we went to shoppers. the cheapest thing we found and was acceptable as a gift was nail polish. sally hansen was 4.27? rimmel was 4.74. oh my. that is crazy

conclusion. what can you buy with $5 nowadays? NOTHING… i am in utter shock. what happened to the days of $5 = 500 1 cent candies? it is over my friends

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