nolstagic memories

back when i was growing up, the major cartoons i watched particularly at a young age were laputa (the movie) and tom and gerry on tv!  imagine my pleasure to see zara produce tom and jerry tshirts?  oh my god it makes me want to buy one.  unfortunately i am dead broke, so until next time!

i also like these tshirts.  they are quite nice from zara.  zara finally has a website with a catalog including pictures and prices of the clothes they have in store! this is long overdue in the 21st century of technology.  their old website was frustrating as it’d only have their seasonal look-book.

i also like this club monaco coat, maybe when it goes on sale.

oh my god. how do you not spend? HAHAHA

on the bright side, no major expenditures in the near future except for secret santa, ski trip (if any), and RRSP contributions.

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