ooo i keep getting nightmares recently

1. this guy named g hates me and wants to beat me up. but somehow his best buddy o says no! stop it. and tries to save me by marrying me and running away together. except g catches up! and beats o up. :(

2. there is a super sample sale!! except the store is like.. its now closing time. and everyone needs to sleep over inside the store. except the store now has tons of ferocious bugs!

3. i’m on my trip to europe… except i end up going to africa. i forget to put my money in my money belt and its all in my purse. how risky! some entertainer comes on the bus and does a stupid performance and expects $25 each as compensation. i don’t pay her, but serene says “can i pay u 20 for now?” while some other girl was like.. OMG it was so good and gave extra. then… somehow there is a freak accident, and i’m stuck in the middle of the african desert. thank goodness i find my friends and we rent a hotel room to figure out what to do. we decide to mail all our important stuff to ELTON JOHN in london, just in case of pirates in africa. to get home, it was either going thru the mountains risking getting robbed by pirates… or going to the nearby port town, where women may be taken in as slaves for the king there. THEN it turns out the entertainer on the bus was the king’s #1 wife. dammit i should’ve paid her except i cheaped out…i went to spy on the town’s happenings, and it turned out that the king wanted to kidnap michelle.

what terrible nightmares. i think i am worried about exams… and maybe getting a job -__-

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