new month new job

so my new job has started already!!! first day today. mixed feelings. new job, higher wage, benefits, job security what is there to complain about? i guess the fact that is this what i want to do for the rest of my life? i really don’t know. aim to earm 80+K in the next 10 years… and then not have many increases after that? i suppose 80K is a lot of money already. but i really don’t know what i want. :( confuses me. so it is with apprehension that i start my new job. people there do seem competent, it’s different. the office is different too (10 years more modern, closer to public standards… i almost feel like i’m in a law firm), i just hope i don’t disappoint them considering i don’t feel like i did anything/accomplish anything in the past year at the old job. all my friends that hear about my job are: i do nothing, fatty… but i think its good i left. to get out of my comfort zone, and force myself to learn more!! so i must add oil!!! and… get out of the old bad surfing the internet the whole day routine.

i also need to start studying. for the course i’m supposed to be taking.

tho i must also talk about my new obsession! Japanese drama: Atashinchi no Danshi. my past dramas were:
- e.u. (action)
- boys before flowers (romance/drama)
- together (romance/comedy)

this one is more of a general comedy with lots of character development. the ones where you watch and you learn so much more about the characters while watching it’s like… so good! all the boys are cute too. hehehe. light cute affair.
Synopsis from Wikipedia:tho the actual drama is way better than just this description.
These days, the term “homeless” has taken on new meaning. There are youths referred to as “net cafe refugees,” who have neither a job nor a place to live, but who find themselves hopping around internet cafes. One such refugee is a 20-year-old girl named Chisato, who lost her mother at a young age due to sickness. She spent her youth trying to escape from the huge debt her father left her, and her battle with the repossessors unfolded every night. However, her life changed after meeting one man named Shinzo, changing her views on the meaning of “family.” Shinzo comes from a rich family tracing back to the Edo period, and he adopted six good-looking sons with the hope of one becoming his successor, but all of them have strange personalities. Shinzo promises to free Chisato from her debt if she marries him and becomes the mother of his sons. However, a life with these six guys under one roof will not go smoothly


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