new cutie in my life

teehee new drama! YAYYYYY abandoned the old one cuz the guy “protagonist” i liked wouldn’t get the girl… haha

these days i feel so blah and mood swings like crazy. i don’t know if it’s the winter blues.

such a super sad day today to trip and lose my tokens. wahhhh i guess i didn’t lose THAT much money… maybe at most 30 bucks… but seems like such a waste and stupid thing to do.  and i hate these stupid days at work when i simply, literally do nothing, which really sucks and feel like i have no purpose in life.

i’m totally slacking on my course and procrastinating like no tomorrow. gahhh

i guess we can only hope that tomorrow gets better… i think i’m lacking sunshine…

recently a close friend broke up with her bf and i’ve come to remember that it’s so important to treasure your loved ones, or you could lose them, and be in regret because it’s become too late for amends.  it’s also important to face your problems and talk about them. to be honest, i would really prefer to just run away from them. hahaha

sometimes life can be pretty tough. i recently wondered to myself, how does everyone stay sane? i guess they are actually really strong. need to find that inner strength… hm

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