miss pettigrew i love you!

went to see miss pettigrew lives for another day today with my girls. ooooooo it is such a good movie. there’s not much violence, nor sex. just character interaction and smart lines. amy adams is so talented. although she’s 30 something, which is pretty old to break into the movie scene, and she has fine wrinkles, she is so good at the role! i loved her in enchanted too. such an amazing actress, or the roles really fit her. gosh i love happy endings too.

WHOOHOO charlie bartlett is done downloading. time to watch that too :) forget danny who REFUSED to watch it with me.

i can’t wait til europe trip!!!!!!!!! and we have our gang of 6! and i have my bestest sis going. nothing can go wrong now. HOHOHO considering i don’t want to go TOO crazy with my money and i’m not sure if the others are crazy. i have a feeling they’re crazier than i am though.

currently suffering from horrendous allergic reaction. yuck

looking forward to mcdonald’s breakfast with my grandma! teehee

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