maybe of stress?

maybe i am really stressed out and don’t know it, or else why else would i have developed shingles? this makes it very depressing. i suppose there are various reasons: bestie gone at work, worried about finding a new job so i can have more money, worried about whether i’d pass my last course (which thankfully i did), worried about the future, worried about my current course and whether i’ll pass the exam which is coming up in 3 weeks! oh my god… i think i need something to look forward to when the exam is over.  in a way, i track my life’s accomplishment through phases – high school, university, this additional designation/lost post university period. so what happens after this now that i’m done? so many things to think about.   i really think i need to get away and it is long overdue for a vacation, of course there is always a but, who to go with?

for some reason, i have a yearning to go to new york city.  what would i do there? shop, eat and of course sightseeing and museums! i actually really enjoy going to these world famous museums, taking my time and soaking it in.

my next best option? going on a rocky mountain tour.  although i’ve lived in toronto for the past good 20+ years of my life, i have never ventured to canada’s west/east coast.  i think going to banff, jasper, lake louise… etc would be quite an experience – to drive through the rockies, see the trees… taste some chinese food in vancouver!

if all else fails, the cheapest option would be an all inclusive resort on the mayan riviera.  i’ve always wanted to see the mayan ruins first hand, and you can’t complain about all you can eat and drink.

unfortunately for me, i can’t think of anyone that would go with me. plus it is expensive. maybe i will wait for fall and go to china :( or taiwan and korea… maybe. unless i save all my vacation days til next year, but that feels too far away and overly sad. i have cabin fever :(

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