magazine spending

lately, i find myself buying a lot of magazines. with popsugar i usually don’t have the need for tabloids and celebrity entertainment. they already post photos and stories, most of which also appear in the magazine. plus, sometimes they post magazine scans, which further deters my need to buy one. one time use magazines, costing $5 are simply not worth it. i could do much more with my money. the problem is, the covers as of late, are just too irresistible (namely the babies!)


i love nicole richie’s style! and a baby… i could not resist


christina… i liked her since she first came out. but i liked britney more. but britney is so weird and trashy now. but my teenage idol having a kid? i couldn’t help it but support her. + i love marie claire. they have best magazines. fashion + world issues + a little of celeb + people stories


and then most recently, jlo! and twins? omg. i just HAD to get it. partially because i liked her music back in the days of y2k. and the twins.

luckily, no one i really like are having any more kids. must conserve $. haha

EDIT: March 25, 2008 – omg. angelina is pregnant again and having her second biological child. (refer to nicole richie cover) i MUST buy that one too. ahaha

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