Long Weekend Friday

It’s finally long weekend Friday!  What am I doing tonight…?  To be honest not that much!  I watched a lot of Olympics!  Track events are starting!  I’m under the old school thinking that Olympics are not truly there until you see the strongest and fastest runners.  They are so amazing to watch, especially the 100m sprints where mere milliseconds can separate winners from losers.  Then I watched some shot put (why are those guys so big and bulky) and throw in some Shipping Wars while we’re at it.

I started watching Storage Wars and I was hooked.  Shipping wars is on a similar premise, where transporters bid on shipping jobs of goods across the USA.  The lowest price wins and they are expected to ship the goods to its destination within a certain time frame.  The winner of the episode is the one who makes the most money from that day’s shipments.  It’s a little less fast pace than Storage Wars as each episode only follows two shipments, but the more interesting part is the stuff they transport – from the two episodes I watched, they transported a star wars ship replica, a mini truck trailer go cart, a DDR machine, a pig, a goat thing, some guinea pigs, 20 peacocks… pretty interesting.

I was about to go out and shop for some deals at the summer clearance, but I check my credit card and reminded myself that I really shouldn’t given all these other expenses coming up in the next two months.  I did a good job!  Hunnybunny would be proud.

I ordered “Thai Style Milk Tea” during dinner today.  It was actually pretty good surprisingly and reminiscent of Thailand itself.  I miss Thai milk tea!

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