job searching

oh i hate job searching
i can’t stand the wait
and agony of being judged
and the post-judgment waiting period

if the world was all robot operated, to farm, to be doctors, to do EVERYTHING etc etc then we can get free food, free housing, free furniture? but what would operate the robots? as they do cost electricity to maintain. oh! the sun! so all we need is a generous scientist to invent these robots who doesn’t want the money. hum i guess the only problem then would be land division. people would have to fight fair and live on their own piece of land. and the world cannot have terrorists or it can’t work. can’t have people sabotaging the robots. except land division is hard. everyone lives on whatever they live in currently? though that won’t be very fair. thus my solution will fail, and so i need to find a job to earn money :(

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