haha. ooo on friday night i had this talk with him. i don’t know if it’s my moods, but it feels like we are so close, yet i don’t know sometimes. often feels like i’m always the one talking. so it felt nice that you were doing a lotta of the talking to know what you’re thinking and stuff. i know sometimes you neglect to tell me how you’re feeling cuz you assume i know. but i really don’t. i think i’m the worst at that. haha.

i love how the new style are the huge glasses. like.. OMG jayz has them too! makes me want them. haha. though it might be a short trend.

i want new sunglasses :( i want to look super duper in my pictures when i go to cuba. thus… i need sunglasses… and a sunhat! except it’s winter. where to find one… haha. i can’t wait!! i want a lotta things. i think i’m gonna have spent all my savings soon enough. oh dear. like…
1. winter work clothes (though that might be an excuse just to buy things)
2. sunglasses
3. hepa shot
4. getaway wtih danny?
5. ski trips! (it is a must…)
6. ski gear :(
7. add on the cuba trip

oh nos. i think i am broke. haha

i need to work as hard as jayz. i think if i didn’t have to worry about anything, race nor gender and just do anything i want to do, i think i really want to go see the world. see africa, middle east, see how people live there. i think i’d want to learn more about history. it is so fasinating to learn about how people lived, and their stories. though sometimes it is depressing. or… work as a food sampler. HAHA taste tester :D that would be so good.

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