in between fretting… and procrastinating

this current course must be the worse course ever!!! thus, instead of looking over my assignment to submit due¬†tomorrow, when it is 12 am and i should sleep… what else to do but blog! i fret because my favourite dress is now on sale. *wonders if they will have my size in toronto* or else i will be a tiny bit sad. if it IS on sale… i shall consider those lovely flats i had my eyes on… or put it in to my asia fund. yes. that would be more practical. or better yet, use it to pay off that stupid traffic ticket!!!

i think katie holmes looks much improved. she looks sweeter with longer hair. stupid tom cruise!!! stop your kate business. it’s katie :(

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serserJune 24th, 2010 at 4:19 pm

i like josh duhamel(?) :)
yes i agree her long hair looks better than her short.

but uve always liked her

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