does my lack of winter work clothes justify my spending? i feel so confused. i need to SAVE… i want to go on VACATIONS… so… spending on work clothes will decrease vacation savings :( but, even with money i’d need actual time off, which seems unreachable

oh my. my day off passed way too fast. i don’t wanna go to work. *tear* it seems like a never ending quest to find out what you like to do in life. i feel so much pressure to find it now sometimes. with every clicking minute, i’d lose time
while spending more time on things i don’t like, ahhhh

i need to finish and figure out all that room cleaning. one step at at time… i want to make more efficient use of it, but not sure how. i always think about rearranging the furniture. it amazes me now that my brother used to fit in here too. crazy cuz it’s so small.

i honestly can’t wait til cuba. thanks hobo for the final push to book it

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