healthy selections = yucky

i’ve never liked healthy choices that people come up with, they just don’t taste as good. like fat free yogurt, fat free ice cream.. after those two times i stopped trying healthy choices. except my brothers went and got the fruit cream life style selections. the cookies with the red stuff in the centre. they taste weird.

i finally went and got my papermate pens! HOHOHO for $1.73? they are so amazing. such a good deal for 12. no loss if you lose one and they have the best flow ever.

i always wanted to spin pens cuz i thought it was so cool. except i never figured it out. but whoa! in japan they have a penspinning tournement! they are so cool! (the kids) they have nothing better to do -_- (the organizers)

click on the picture on the left and the video will load:

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