i can’t help it sometimes but to get so frustrated/angry with grandma. things are just so slow or she’s just so bossy. but it can’t be helped! patience patience!!

HOHOHO today went for a great workout! then we were supposed to go cut our hair @ the korean place. the poor korean man closed his shop :( and he was so nice and friendly. i guess too nice and too friendly, too many free hair treatments, and not enuf time. and maybe prices were too cheap. bahhh… i miss him. so we went to debby’s salon lady. i love winner’s! serene got a nice pair of shoes for 20! YAY. now i have orangey brown hair in a shade i’d exactly wanted. teehee and serene has wild highlights. kekeke

2 days til spice girls. whoohoo! they canceled the rest of their tour dates so their last stop shall be in toronto on the 26th. hoho. i feel so lucky

AND my af coat fits nicely. what more do i need? ha

today i discovered new amazing technology. contact lenses to make your corneas bigger. why does that make a difference? well… it creates a cute look. and with a little makeup you can go from uglie to OMG she’s HOT. well the contrast lighting helps too

how she did it:

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