good days

i honestly think this has been the most enjoyable university year ever. perhaps because i know it will be ending soon, i’m trying to make the best of it. to work harder (starting tomorrow) to make those final exams really count. i’m never writing exams again, so i might as well make my bestest efforts!!!

it was very sad today as it was my last philosophy class, for law and morality. i truly liked my professor. i honestly believe it was one of the best classes ever. it was intellectually stimulating, and what he taught really stayed in my head. perhaps he was that good of a prof. that or it didn’t involve numbers or anything technical. there was SOME technicality, but mainly thinking. though with all that commerce stuff, thinking on my own feels like such a weird concept. when writing an essay, i try to find info online on what other people think first, when i guess you’re supposed to think of it yourself? But his ending speech was very touching, and encouraging, yet comedic.  he’s been teaching from 2 years before the leafs LAST WON the stanley cup, and the leafs are likely not to win for another 2 years after his retirement. HAHA. and he wished us all the best with our careers, and find something we really really enjoy in life like how he LOVES philosophy. i love him so much. i wished all teachers were like that.

+ he’s VERY GOOD LOOKING for his age + VERY STYLISH + VERY CUTE gosh

time to go out! a few more times for that extra round, then exams, then europe!!! gosh. i don’t want this part of my life to end ever. sadly, time waits for no one.

happy birthday to my dearest dearest francie :) (yesterday)

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