getting older

i feel like i am getting older. to be older per say i think you just carry yourself differently. whether it is with more confidence, maybe the way you throw your head. next, i find myself drawn to neutral colours when buying clothes. before, it would be bright pinks, blues, maybe even red. now its grays, tans, whites, blacks… oh no. these are the colours older people wear :(

then my grandma is getting older, and being less active and unable to do things, she is becoming very very demanding. today she comes into my room and says drive me downtown. i’m like… i made plans today. it feels as if she expects me to abandon them immediately and drive her. you know, if you tell me in advance i wouldn’t mind at all but it’s just so sudden. then she wants my mom to subway downtown to chinatown on a non-workday JUST to get “new money” for chinese new year’s and to get “fuy chun”. but damn… mommy doesn’t have work today. why the heck would she go ALL the way downtown for that?
grandma: there’s no other way. what does she mean there’s no other way?
–> if anything, mom can subway there after work (and she works close by). wouldn’t that make more sense and be more convenient?
grandma: no! after work the stores would be closed!
–> why would the stores close THAT early?

this feels frustrating :( and grandma asks: why is your temper so bad lately? ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

oish. and i have to write that stupid article for that stupid newspaper. lol due yesterday except i was playing wii games :P whoohooooooooooooooo! time to try out super marioooooooo GALAXY. zack and wiki is so funny. trauma centre is hard. our attempts made me fat lan ja

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