so far, the garbage strike hasn’t affected my family all that much.
week 1: we went to dispose of our garbage at one of the dump sites. wasted 20 minutes waiting in line.
week 2: property management arranged for private garbage pickup
week 3: current week LOL we will see

i don’t walk around much outdoors, though the other day i was walking on queen and it is horrendous! i was standing at the corner of queen and spadina waiting to cross the road when i feel something at my feet. i look down and its some dirty stained towel WTF!!! what if it has rabies :( so i just stepped over and continued walking. the towel continued blowing away.  how disgusting.

funny thing is, i walked on king today and it really didn’t look that bad. though as u get closer to spadina it gets worse but not any way close to queen. but king has older crowds (cleaner) and theatre district. they’d want to make it nice. oooooooooo


Toronto Garbage Strike Day One.jpg

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