first post!

Heath Ledger dies! It’s really tragic, to die at such a young age, and his daughter will never know her father. On the bright side, she can watch all his movies and videos and interviews. So you sort of get to know him through that.

The chase of shopping is so thrilling, it’s like a super adrenaline rush! Especially when you see something you like, you’ve been eying it to go on sale for the past weeks, and it finally is! (more like two weeks, but it feels like forever) but you debate whether to buy it or not. Just when you decide to check out, the item is gone. What a letdown! Then, as you are refreshing the page to check if, just maybe there would be updated stock in your size, it magically appears, and even in the colour you’d originally wanted. It’s like destiny and you guys are meant to be. Obviously I brought it. I am officially broker than broke.

Doing the last year of school, the last semester has made me realize that school really isn’t that hard. If you pay attention, you really can learn a LOT of stuff. Problem is, time will keep going and it won’t wait for anyone. How I wished that I could stop time just for a little bit. It’s passing way too fast. Though I can still pass for an 18 year old? YES =D excellent young and longevity is key

Reminder to self:

1. apply for air canada positions

2. apply for government positions

I want to go sing k! But maybe better off not to save money~ online ordering is expensiveeeeeeeeee

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