another year, another fall. the first fall where i feel like i’m fully out of school which feels scary. i don’t think i feel fall as much being indoors the whole day, though i think it hit me today when driving around in the morning. all the trees are yellowed or bare. gives me a nostalgic feeling. i think i will feel better once i find my new winter coat :D

though i made my first dental claim and my first eye glasses claim! YAY. hurray for insurance!!!

in other news, i love this skirt! except its sold out til christmas eve! how crazy is that! i also like the tights that comes with the skirt, that also happens to be sold out. what are the chances… the detailing is amazing. i love the peek of petticoat and the popup flowers if you look closely. hehe. gives me a romantic feel. gorgeous gorgeous. i think i would’ve ran out and brought it at the full price. kind of like the grey cardigan i was drooling over online T___T


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