i love easter monday! i never had any feelings for this holiday… until i found out that everyone has to go to work but me! how lucky!! i got to sleep in, for the first time in forever. i am at home, relaxing. life is so good :D

nyc 3 day trip was fast and furious!
day one: on bus the whole day, from 6:45 am – 9 pm, sans 1 hour lunch and 1.5 hours of outlet shopping
day two: on bus at 6:30 am, quick drive around nyc, 45 minutes for rockafeller centre, 30 minutes at times square, 2 hour boat cruise around islands, 4 hours of outlet shopping, 1 hour buffet dinner. the rest of the time, was on the bus!!! til 9 pm. again
day three: on bus at 6:30, 1 hour lunch, 1.5 hours outlet shopping til 8 pm!!

its been a while since i’ve been on the bus for that long. thank goodness though that there were no luggage checks. not that i brought anything anyways. just got some work clothes. =_______= haha. woodbury wasn’t that great compared to… THE MALL!!! for the really premium designer stuff, though they did have a lot of selection of other brands. i think though, if i were to really shop, it wouldn’t have been with my mom or brother. it would’ve been with the greatest shopping buddy ever s.ma. HAHAHA

all i wanna do is watch dramas. but… i need to do my taxes, apply for jobs.. ahhh :(

on a side note, i knew that taipan and safeway tours were competitors, but i didn’t see many taipan buses. mostly safeway at the boarder. does that mean safeway is the more popular choice?  i also saw one jacco tour bus. they don’t have their own logoed bus!! how disappointing! lol.

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