dreading work and the rain and… the antsy part in the drama :(

i wished this week would end faster
i wished it didn’t rain :(
i wished i had nice rainboots to keep my feet dry from the rain
whatever will i wear to and from work? sigh
i tried flats last time but
1. not comfortable
2. fall falls from above :(

running shoes tmr? but they look so terrible

my lacoste flats have almost died. there’s a hole in them now
they were uncomfortable to the point of bleeding initially many a time
but they finally were there for me in the rain.
now i need a new pair. ahhhh

hunter! :(
burberry! :(
why must you be so expensive!!!

so… this week i returned 160 worth of stuff
then… today i brought 160 worth of stuff
a never ending cycle!

i spoiled another drama for myself! :( i skipped to the end. boohoo. and now its the antsy part! MAIN CHARACTER GIRL JUST BE WITH THE MAIN CHARACTER GUY. WHY MUST THERE BE A THIRD GUY? WHY MUST THERE BE A LOVE TRIANGLE? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHY CAN’T SHE MAKE UP HER MIND? :( i’ll have to bear this for another 6 episodes?? :( :( :(

i wonder if i’d look as cute as her if i had hair like that. tho not as thick. hehehe AHHHHHH jiro is so cute!! i like the character he plays!!!



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