so i found out i will be sharing an office space… in another week with another FAT BROWNIE. except this time it will be in a closed office space of 2 desks versus side by side cubicles. omg. but NO ONE can be worse than the old fatty rock/mudman right? i think i was so scarred by that last one… it’ll take me a while to accept this one. LOL can it be fate that i will be stuck with a fat brownie? :(
i casually mentioned to the bossman that hmm CAN I SWITCH to the better desk in the room before new fatty comes in? tho he told me in a nice way that no he’s your boss. LOL awwwwww why must my boss be a fat brownie.

i really hope this one will be better than the last. or i will start searching for a new job. lol


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